LiraPro 100 pcs Solder Seal Wire Connectors Kit- Heat Shrinkable Tube Sleeves-Waterproof Insulated Electrical Copper Butt Terminals-Wire Splice for Automotive Marine Boat Trailer

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Manufacturer Description

LiraPro 50 PCS Solder Seal Butt Wire Connectors and 50 PCS Heat Shrink Tube Kit

* LiraPro Solder Seal Wire Connectors and Heat Shrink Tube, an innovative wiring solution that allows to create
soldered waterproof connections safely and efficiently. This kit comes with 4 sizes of color coded connectors and also include
50 pcs 20mm long single wall shrinkable tubes
* Waterproof insulated were connectors provide high quality soldering, ideal to use in Marine, Automotive, Audio and other applications
* Easy operation: just strip your wires, insert them into the connector and apply heat. For better result use heat gun.
To control the temperature and heating time please rotate connector so that the solder melts before the shrinkable tube does.
*Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection when stripping and inserting wires
* Whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, motorcycle, home or scientific project, our heat shrink solder and seal connectors
will increase current flow and ensure solid waterproof soldering connections every time! Everyone needs to have LiraPro waterproof wire connectors in their garage or shop!

Please Note: Both sides of the connector may not be exactly the same size in diameter, one side slightly smaller than the other.
That is normal, it's a production process.


Shrinking Ratio: 2:1
Waterproof Rate: IP67
Heat activated waterproof adhesive
Operating temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C
Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C
Minimum temperature for solder to melt: 138°C
The temperature of the solder completely melted: 160°C and UP
Connectors came in a storage box which can be reusable.
Compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards.

Product Features

EXCELLENT WIRE CONNECTION SOLUTION FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT - Simply position the stripped wires into the solder sleeve and apply heat to finish the connection. Make properly soldered and waterproof connections in less than 30 seconds. EFFORTLESS, FAST AND EASY SOLDERING PROCESS - It takes only one step to solder and seal connected wires. More convenient than the old conventional way. No need to crimp, just use a heat gun to get the job done. ABSOLUTE WATERPROOF - Insulation tubing has a unique dual-walled design: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside. When heat is applied, polyolefin tubing reduces in size and adhesive flows inside the insulation. Dual walled tubing ensures waterproof seal and prevents wire corrosion. TRANSPARENT SLEEVE - See through sleeve provides precise inspection of striped wires inside for better control of soldering process. High elasticity assures steady performance. COST EFFECTIVE - Color-coded tubing with four different sizes make it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application. Choose the right connector by looking at the wire size chart on the box. UNLIMITED APPLICATION - Application in areas such as automotive, motorcycles, watercraft, home and industrial electrical projects as well as electronics industries. Especially useful in hard to reach or limited space areas. HERE'S A BONUS - Kit include 50 pcs x 20 mm long insulation heat shrink tubing cable wrap sleeves. Inner diameter 3.0 mm. Environmentally friendly, fast shrinking, flame retardant, soft and flexible tubing will make your wire connection rust/corrosion proof. Will protect and insulate wire ends, wiring harness and electronic components. Excellent choice for protecting headphones and phone cables. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We stand behind the quality of our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We will work on every inquiry to ensure your satisfaction. Whole kit comes with 1 Year Warranty and Full Refund within 60 Days to ensure your pleasant shopping experience.

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